Gulf Coast Roofing

“I would like you to know how pleased we are with the exterior restoration of our property performed by RSI. While always a handsome building, the exterior now shows to even better advantage. More importantly, however, we now have a weather-tight facade.”

Crack Sealers & Caulking

Moisture in cracks can exacerbate an already trying situation. The sealers and fillers RSI uses help mitigate damage, and in some cases, help reverse the process.

Masonry, Plastic & Concrete Repair

Stop putting off repairs before it's too late. RSI works with you to value-engineer a solution to fix building damage and reduce cosmetic blemishes in order to restore your buildings' curb appeal.

Water and Abrasive Blasting

Layers of dirt, mold and mildew can begin to break down your buildings' exterior. RSI can remove these layers through water and abrasive blasting. Our skilled specialists strip away years of grime, while avoiding damage to structural or decorative building elements.

Historical Restoration

RSI takes extreme care in the restoration of historically significant structures. Our non-destructive processes turn back the clock and help buildings regain their previous glory and beauty.